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Ethiopia Guji

Ethiopia Guji
Arabica Varietal: Heirloom
Name: Guji
Country: Ethiopia
Attitude: 1,900 m.a.s.l.
Process: Washed
Roasting: Medium
Cupping Notes: Strawberry, Lime, Caramel
Acidity: 7/7
Sweetness: 7/7
Body: 4/7
Aftertaste: 5/7

The Story

We are at Guji in the province of Oromia, in central Ethiopia. Both the coffee and the region
of Guji are named after the tribe which lives there. Each local farmer produce only 10-15
gunnysacks a year, because of the limited number of coffee trees.

Did you know that…
Ethiopia, as the country where coffee and the coffee tree, Coffea Arabica, originated is the
7 th largest producer of coffee worldwide and the top producer in Africa. Its coffee is
characterized by light body, high acidity and wide range of complex aromas.
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