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From Bean to Cup
At Coffee Island, we believe in quality coffee
and have made a commitment to our customers to only offer
superb specialty coffees, the kind of coffees that speak for themselves.
We Believe in Good Coffee

At Coffee Island, we believe in quality coffee and have made a commitment to our customers to only offer superb specialty coffees, the kind of coffees that speak for themselves.

To achieve this, we practice Direct Trade. This allows us to be in direct contact with the coffee growers. Using this model, Coffee Island builds mutually beneficial relationships with individual farmers and cooperatives in coffee producing countries.

We have worked in many countries to support farmers in the protection and improvement of the soil, water, and of each local microclimate. We also provide support on projects that improve the living conditions of coffee farm workers, we trade with. What’s more, consistent coffee purchases at fair trade rates, increase the income of farmers and improve the quality of the coffee yield coffee.

We have signed long-term, exclusive contracts, with specialty coffee producers in Brazil, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. All of the producers we work with promote ecological, sustainable and socially responsible coffee production. We explore the different coffee-growing zones and want our customers to know that when they buy a coffee beverage from our roasters, they can shake hands with each and every individual farmer in Brazil, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala who has contributed to the cup!

Our Beans are on Fire

Specialty coffee can offer one of the most nuanced multisensory experiences! Our artisan roasting team has mastered the roasting process, controlling both the time and flame specifications.

Our team is driven by a passion for bringing out the best possible aromas, flavours, sweetness, acidity and body of each coffee variety that we source. Every origin, every harvest and every lot has different sensory characteristics.

Our roasters work closely with our R&D team to develop roast profiles that enhance our coffees’ unique cupping profiles, resulting in an extremely pleasurable drinking experience.

Innovation is our cup of... Coffee

At Coffee Island our Research & Development Department, runs a significant number of numerous research & innovation programs in cooperation with suppliers and local universities. As a result, we have established a study and research laboratory, which is divided in with four separate areas:

Sample Grading Area

Samples of green coffee from all over the world arrive at our sample roaster and are transformed into the delicious coffee you enjoy daily. With the assistance of a chromatograph we understand and define the roast levels of each profile.

Sample Roasting Area

Samples of green coffee from all over the world turn into the delicious coffee you enjoy every day in our sample roasters… releasing their aromas in the process. With the assistance of a chromatograph, we can understand and define the level of roasting for each profile.

Espresso & Filter Coffee Brew Bar

In the espresso bar, ground coffee beans are turned into the most popular beverage in the world: espresso-based coffee. In the brew bar, we apply all the possible extraction methods of filter coffee with the use of the proper equipment. The brewing characteristics of all these beverages are monitored and the results of this analysis are then evaluated in the next stage, the tasting process.

Cupping Room

This area is built in accordance to the standards of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and is the location where we conduct sensory analysis of the coffees. We taste roasted coffee extracted through various methods (e.g. espresso, brewed, Brazilian cafezinho), as well as extracted teas and herbal teas. In this area, light intensity, moisture, temperature, and aromas are controlled, so as to not affect the cupping process.

A Sea of Microfarms on a Coffee Island

Our Microfarm Project is a unique, exclusive, discovery project that allows us to produce the limited edition specialty coffees that we are dedicated to. For Coffee Island’s Microfarm Project we search for SCA graded 87+ limited edition single origin Arabica coffees.

These specialty coffees, originate from individual farmers who put great effort and passion into their crops and work. They strive to protect the soil and the water, care about the living conditions of their labourers as well as other labour issues and serve their local communities.  These are the growers Coffee Island has partnered with in the Microfarm Project.

From the beginning of the Microfarm Project, Coffee Island experts have been exploring the world to find the best coffees…

Our journey began with five specialty coffees: El Salvador Vista Hermosa, Ethiopia Sidama Ardi, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere, Colombia Huila and Brazil Ametista but the journey did not stop there!

Coffee Island continues to search for coffee-producing regions around the world to discover exciting flavours of unique specialty varietals produced by people who share our passion. We want to offer a perfectly engineered coffee, and have a common vision with our partners; to make the enjoyment of specialty coffee accessible to as many people as possible.

Because we believe every coffee experience should be perfect.
From the very beginning to the very end.
From bean to cup.