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Brazil Alta Mogiana

Brazil Alta Mogiana
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100% specialty arabica single estate coffee.
It is cultivated in Alta Mogiana, Sao Paulo at the Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm and its cup profile is chocolate, nuts, raisin.

Region: Alta Mogiana, Sao Paulo
Roasting: Medium-Dark

Brazil Alta Mogiana, grown in Alta Mogiana,
a traditional coffee region of the state of São Paulo, on seven farms and seven million coffee trees, will give cups full of
notes of chocolate, nuts and raisins!

The Alta Mogiana region is known worldwide for the production of Arabica coffee of excellent quality,
with a distinct profile, with balanced body and acidity, excellent natural sweetness and caramelized aroma.

The tradition of producing the best coffees is due to the natural conditions such as altitude, climate and ideal rainfall.
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