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Peru Santa Teresa

Peru Santa Teresa
(new product)
100% specialty arabica single estate coffee.
It is cultivated in Peru by local microfarmers and its cup profile is cedar, nuts, chocolate.

Region: Cusco, Peru
Roasting: Medium-Dark

Peru Santa Teresa, full of aromas of nuts, rich body and a long aftertaste of chocolate, comes from the slopes of the Andes mountains.
The climate and ideal weather conditions make the Cusco region ideal for growing traditional coffee varieties such as Typica and Bourbon.
Here about 290 farmers, members of the cooperative, still follow an ancient Incan tradition called \"Anyi\", in Quechua,
which means \"to share tasks\", \"cooperation\", \"solidarity\". The small farmers of this coffee
operate with farm quality and sustainability in mind,
constantly improving their production process, while the benefits of socio-economic development are shared throughout the community.
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