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Capsules DeCO2ffεε
(10 pieces)

Capsules DeCO2ffεε (10 pieces)
Type: Blend
Caffeine Free: 99,9%
Method: Natural liquid CO2 decaffeination process
Arabica Varietals: Brazil Alta Mogiana, Nicaragua Di Pilto, El Salvador Santa Ana
Roasting: Medium Dark
Cup Profile: Bergamot, chocolate, nuts, fruity aftertaste

The great variety of espresso and filter coffee delivered with the well known quality of Coffee Island is now available in capsules. The flavor and taste of freshly ground coffee are captured in capsule until the moment they reach your cup.

Enjoy the flavor and aroma of our freshly ground coffee at home, by using our capsules in your Nespresso machine.

*One box contains 10 capsules
Perfect Match!

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