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Loyalty Is always Rewarded

Loyalty Is always Rewarded

Loyalty Is always Rewarded

At Coffee Island, we invest in our coffee. We invest in our guests and we insist on offering a unique coffee experience. We appreciate our guests as much as we appreciate our coffee.

We want to thank all everyone for their support and give something back to them.

This is why we came up with Loyalty Card! It is an act of mutual respect. It is our unique way to say ‘thank you’. You can get yours by simply visiting our Coffee Shop.

How does it work? It is quite simple. All you have to do is use it during your purchase. The point is to reach the maximum 60 points, or Loyalty Flowers as we like to call them. By doing so, you are able to pick your reward. Choose between a free cup of coffee or 100gr. of your favourite, freshly ground coffee.

We offer, you choose!

Just remember, every dollar equates to 1 Loyalty Flower. The more you use the Loyalty Card, the more Loyalty Flowers you earn.

Loyalty Card is an act of mutual respect. Come by our Coffee Shop, get your Loyalty Card and start picking… Loyalty Flowers!

Loyalty Is always Rewarded…

We believe in your loyalty and we want to constantly offer you the best we can! Its mutual respect…

Loyalty is always Rewarded